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Pure Factory Skin Repair Lime Sugar

Pure Factory Skin Repair Lime Sugar
Item# PF-L94_L942

Product Description

Looking for a body changing experience for dry skin? Bring it on! Pure Factory Naturals has you covered with a special multi-purpose skin repair featuring hand crafted blends of coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Our natural and highly-effective formulations are made in the USA, and are chemical and gluten free. Carry on with your glow.

Loaded with essential oils of olive, almond and coconut, this perfect combination of natural ingredients revitalizes and feeds your skin in the most natural way. Apply anywhere and everywhere. This skin repair is in Lime Sugar flavor.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Oils (Coconut, Olive & Sweet Almond) & Fragrance.

Offered in two sizes: 1 oz and 2 oz